New York City Is Home to a Pigeon Wearing a Bagel

New York City Is Home to a Pigeon Wearing a Bagel

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New York City animals love bagels just as much as they love pizza.

It’s no secret that New York City’s critters love pizza. Pizza Rat took the internet by storm when it dragged a slice of pizza down subway stairs by the grit of its teeth, and last week, a raccoon was spotted enjoying pizza in Central Park.

Well, now a photograph shows that pigeons know New York bagels are as important as pizza.

The photo was posted on Imgur and the caption reads, “Most New York photo I’ve ever taken.” The pigeon is perched on a fence and somehow fit half of what looks like a plain bagel around its neck.

We’re wondering how exactly the pigeon was able to put that bagel over its head (and why someone would waste half of a bagel!), but our best guess is that it wanted to dress up as the bread for Halloween. So, if you are still looking for a last minute costume, you could always take after this pigeon and just wear a bagel!


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