Fast and original scrambled eggs

Fast and original scrambled eggs

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  1. Chicken egg 2 pcs.
  2. Hard cheese 30 gr.
  3. Sausage 1 pc.
  4. Paprika 0.5 tsp
  5. Peppers mix to taste
  6. Greens to taste
  7. Vegetable oil to taste
  • Main ingredients: Sausage and sausages, Eggs, Cheese, Greens
  • Serving 2 servings


Knife, cutting board, large bowl, spatula, mixer, brush, convenient capacity, bowl, tablespoon, teaspoon


A step-by-step recipe for cooking eggs: We prepare the products and spices necessary for making delicious eggs for breakfast. We take two eggs, separate the protein from the yolk and distribute it in bowls. Finely chop the cooked greens. Rub on a fine grater 30 gr. cheese. Beat the whites in a bowl with a mixer, after adding salt to taste, then add greens, chopped sausage to it and mix gently with a spatula. We spread the protein in the pan, dividing it into two identical parts and pre-lubricating the pan with vegetable oil. In each of the parts of the protein with the filling, make some kind of grooves and add cheese and yolk to each. Sprinkle each part of the protein with the filling in grated cheese, add the pepper mixture to taste, sprinkle the remaining cheese on top and decorate with paprika. Turn on the stove over medium heat, put the frying pan and close the lid, leave to cook for 9 minutes, then turn off the stove and leave the eggs to reach ready for about 4-5 minutes. We cook deliciously, cook simply, prepare a delicious fried egg with toppings for breakfast at home together! Bon appetit to all!