"Sassi Water" for weight loss and body cleansing

"Sassi Water" for weight loss and body cleansing

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  1. water (mineral, purified, spring) 2 liters;
  2. lemon 1 pc.;
  3. cucumber 1 pc.;
  4. mint 10-15 leaves;
  5. ginger root (grated) 1 tsp
  • Main ingredients: Cucumber, Lemon, Mint
  • Portion 2 liters
  • World Cuisine


bottle, grater, false, jug, glass.


1. Sassi's water should be done in the evening, because in fact it is a cold infusion, and it takes time for all the products to transfer their beneficial substances to the water. First of all, thoroughly wash all our ingredients: lemon, cucumber, ginger and mint. It is even better to rinse everything with hot water. We will not clean the cucumber and lemon, so it is so important to wash thoroughly.
2. Now you can start slicing. Cucumber and lemon need to be cut into thin slices, as far as possible.
From a ginger root cut off a piece of a centimeter or two in length, peel it from the skin and grate it. You can try chopping finely, but it's better to use a grater. Ready ginger slurry should turn out a teaspoon with a slide.
Peppermint need to take 10-15 leaves.
3. All prepared ingredients are placed in a two-liter container. It can be a jar, a bottle with a wide neck, even a saucepan. Fill everything with cool (ideally spring) filtered water and send it to stand in the refrigerator for the whole night.
4. All two liters should be drunk during the day. It is not difficult to do this, the water turns out to be very tasty, slightly sour and refreshing. And so for a week. It would be nice to start the day with a glass of Sassi's water on an empty stomach. Ginger has a beneficial effect on the intestines and helps to start its work.
Dr. Cynthia herself recommends drinking water Sassi as follows:

Divide 2 liters into approximately 8 glasses. When drinking, adhere to the following recommendations:

  • I glass - on an empty stomach after waking up;
  • II and III glass - between the first and second breakfast (one hour after eating and half an hour before eating);
  • IV and V glass - between lunch and dinner;
  • VI and VII glass - between lunch and dinner;
  • VIII glass - an hour after dinner.

Tasty and healthy "Water Sassi" is ready! A more detailed cooking process, see the video. Enjoy your meal!


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