Spring packages

Spring packages

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Peel the carrot, wash it with the zucchini and cabbage. Then cut the julienne very finely. Heat the oil in a wok and fry the vegetables until they become al dente. Add the soy sauce at the end and leave it on the fire for another minute. Add the soybeans, I had them in a jar, canned. It is then left to cool.

Melt the butter. Take 2 sheets of pie and cut into 9 rectangles. Place one tablespoon of the vegetable mixture on each rectangle. Roll each package and grease each rolled part with butter, to stick well. The same is done with the other 2 sheets of pie.

Place the packages in a tray, on baking paper, and bake on the right heat until golden brown. However, they can be fried in hot oil, according to preference.

Serve warm with soy sauce and sweet-spicy sauce.

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