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Banana jam

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Banana Jam Recipe on 13-04-2018 [Updated on 13-04-2018]

I had never heard of the banana jam before I tried my hand at its preparation. Maybe it is because it is a fruit that I do not like very much and maybe for this reason I paid little attention, the fact is that for the first time I discovered, made and tasted this recipe :) More or less how to make jam we all know, but how many know how to do this one right here?
Banana jam is a preserve that you can prepare whenever you want, since this exotic fruit is present all year round, just be careful to choose well-ripened fruits. Another thing, you can flavor your jam by adding the seeds of a vanilla bean or with grated ginger, even if I found it perfect like this, just with a squeeze of lemon;)


How to make banana jam

Peel the bananas and cut them into slices.
Transfer them to a bowl, add the lemon juice and mash them with a fork.

Now prepare a sugar syrup. Put the sugar and water on the heat in a large pot.
Bring to a boil and let it boil for another 5 minutes.

Then add the bananas and mix.
Once boiling has resumed, cook for about 40 minutes, stirring occasionally.

When the jam has become the right consistency (do the saucer test) turn off the heat.
Then pour everything into sterilized glass jars, close them and turn them upside down until they are completely cooled.

Your banana jam is ready, put it in the pantry for at least 15 days before enjoying it.

Banana Jam - Recipes

Put the chopped bananas in a pot, cover them flush with the water and cook over low heat until all the moisture of the fruit has evaporated. At this point, raise the heat and cook for another 20 minutes.
Cover a metal or nylon sieve with a thin slightly moistened cloth, place it on a large glass bowl, pour the warmed bananas and let their juice filter overnight without ever crushing the pulp.
The next morning, pour the filtered banana juice into a very large low pot and add 350g of sugar for every 500g of banana juice. Boil over very low heat, stirring constantly and constantly checking the density until you have reached the point of gelling, 32 & deg – 33 & deg with the thermometer for cooking the sugar. If you don't have a thermometer, from time to time with a teaspoon take some jelly and drop it into the pot. When the drops fall down with difficulty or no longer form the jelly is ready.
Immediately remove it from the heat, let it cool for a few minutes, and pour it still hot into well washed and dried jars. Close immediately with the metal screw caps or with a metal hook and rubber ring.

To make the banana jam, choose some ripe bananas but not excessively. Clean the bananas and cut them into small pieces.

Put the bananas in a saucepan and add the zest and lemon juice. Also add the sugar and mix.

Put the saucepan over medium-low heat. After 5 minutes, when the bananas have softened, blend with the immersion blender. You can blend homogeneously or leave a few pieces of banana bigger than I did.

Continue cooking the jam until it begins to get thicker (about 20 minutes). Put a teaspoon of jam on a saucer and place it in freezer for 2 minutes. If the consistency is the desired one, the jam is ready.

REMEMBER that the cooking times they also depend on the quantity of jam you are preparing: the more you make it, the longer the times get.

Pour the jam into a jar of sterilized glass .

Close with the cap e turn the jar upside down. If you use a jar like mine with a glass lid, you won't need to turn it upside down. Let the jar cool and place in the pantry.


With this amount of sugar your banana jam it will keep for 2-3 months. If you want it to keep longer you have to increase the percentage of sugar up to 70% compared to the weight of the fruit.

If you want you can flavor your banana jam with rum or cinnamon (or both). It will suffice to add half a teaspoon of cinnamon or 2 tablespoons of rum at the indicated doses.


To prepare the winter fruit jam you will have to start by cleaning the fruit: peel the apples and pears, if you prefer you can use a potato peeler to facilitate this operation, otherwise you can proceed safely even with a simple knife.

Cut the peeled fruit in quarters and remove the core and any remaining stalk from each section, essentially you will have to remain with only the pulp.

Now you will have to cut the fruit quarters into small pieces making them fall directly into the pot that you will use for cooking the jam. Continue, therefore, with the preparation of citrus fruits: obtain the zest from both the orange and the lemon, paying close attention to taking only the colored part of the zest and remove any white parts, or the albedo, which has a bitter taste that would also end in the jam.

Once you have obtained the zest from the citrus fruits, you will also need to obtain the juice.

Combine the fruit in the pot with the citrus juice and as much water as you need to cover everything. Now, cut the citrus peel very finely and add them too to the rest of the ingredients in the pot.

Turn on the heat over low heat and cook everything, with the pot covered, until the rinds are soft and the fruit has reduced to a puree. It will take about 30-40 minutes. If the water gets too dry with the risk that the fruit burns, you can add more, without overdoing it.

When you are satisfied with the doneness of the fruit, all you have to do is add the last ingredient, the sugar. Choose the granulated one that is most suitable for this type of preparation. If you are a lover of caramelized or liquorice-like aromas, you can also choose a raw or whole cane sugar, your jam will surely gain in aromatic notes.

If you like smooth jam you can now blend it making it completely homogeneous and smooth. If, on the other hand, you like to find small pieces of peel or other pieces of fruit, you can continue cooking until the jam has reached the desired density.

How do you understand which is the right density of the jam? Well there are many methods: the most scientific one is the refractometer which measures exactly the right degrees Brix of the jam at a certain temperature, if your jam has those degrees Brix then it is ready.

We prefer the old grandmother's method, that is the saucer method: transfer a teaspoon of jam into a saucer, let it cool slightly and check the speed with which it drips and decide accordingly if it is the density you prefer or if the jam has need some more cooking.

Here is the jam is ready. Now all you have to do is transfer it, while it is still hot, in well-sterilized glass jars. Close with the lids and put the jars upside down so that the vacuum is created.

How to make banana jam

Peel the bananas and cut them into slices (1) removing any parts that are too soft or blackened. Squeeze the lemon (2) and extract the juice you will need for preparation. Combine the chopped banana, sugar, lemon juice, cinnamon and vanilla pod in a large pot. Bring to a boil over high heat, removing excess foam with a skimmer. Cook for half an hour and continue cooking over low heat. Bring the jam back to a boil and remove the vanilla pod. Continue cooking for about twenty minutes, stirring constantly with a wooden spoon, and turn off the heat when the jam has reached the right consistency. Pour the banana jam into sterilized jars, close them and turn them upside down until completely cooled. Before enjoying your jam, leave it in the pantry for at least 15 days.

How to sterilize jam jars

You can choose whether to do it in the oven, in a pot by boiling, in the oven or in the microwave.

I usually use the microwave for the jars and the boil for the new caps.

Microwave jars sterilization is a quick way to sterilize glass jars, but it's not good for lids.

To sterilize the jars with the microwave you must:

  • fill about half of water in each jar, without cap and put it in the microwave
  • turn on at maximum temperature and let it heat for 2 minutes
  • remove the jars and throw away the water
  • put them to dry upside down on a clean tea towel

For the corks instead, fill a pan with cold water and let the corks boil over low heat for about 30 minutes then drain.

Tavern MuVarA

I'm not a big fan of jams, but this one is really curious.
Now I grab my banana jaguar and take it to work for a mid-morning snack!

Mine is over, I absolutely have to do it again!
A hug

I've never tasted banana jam, but it really tickles me! To try! Kisses

How curious is banana jam! Never tasted it before !!
Then the addition of the vanilla makes the difference in my opinion!

how niceooooo.
is tati's recipe? Yes, yes :)))
very good!

hello beautiful tractors, I have little time but it is almost fun to come in tractors to see all the dishes posted and order a new menu. so for today fried peppers (uhhhhhhhh) sbrisolana with banana jam (but what a great idea (. great!

I don't particularly like bananas but the idea of ​​turning it into jam, considering I've never seen around, I like it, very good

Squeeze 2 lemons, filter the juice and set aside.

Cut the bananas into slices until you get 800 g of fruit. Sprinkle with lemon juice and mix.

Peel an apple and cut it into thin slices, mix together with the bananas.

Put the fruit in the jug, add 400 g of sugar, 250 g of water and cook 30 Min. 100 ° Speed 1.

Stir with the spatula and cook again 20 Min. Temp. Varoma Vel. 1 without measuring cup and keeping the basket on the lid to avoid splashes of hot jam.

Pour the jam into sterilized jars, avoiding closing the cap too much.

Place them upside down on a wooden surface and cover them with a blanket until the jam has cooled.

Apricot and banana jam

You know what happens in my house in the summer. There is always a large amount of fruit and we never have time to eat it all in its moment of greatest fragrance and splendor.

The variety of proposals on the market stalls is amazing, colors and scents captivate me and I can't stop myself from buying a bit of everything.

In addition, in the few fruit trees in the garden, the one that reaches maturity must be picked and eaten quickly.

What to do with all this surplus goodness. Simple to answer. some nice jams.

Here is our proposal for today, a particular and delicious combination, with a slightly exotic scent that you can do very quickly and just as quickly you will take out.

The proportion between sugar and fruit is at your discretion My grandmother, who made tons of jams, always said that sugar must be half the quantity of fruit, and so do I.

Another rule that he never stopped repeating was the sterilization of the jars, before and after, because you can't mess with bacteria and just a few more minutes are enough to bring the scent and flavor of summer up to the cold and gray months.

600 gr of ripe apricots

Wash and dry the apricots, cut them into small pieces and pour them into a large saucepan with a wide bottom.

Peel and slice the bananas and combine them in the apricot saucepan.

Combine the lemon zest, the filtered juice and the sugar. Stir and put on moderate heat.

Boil the fruit until it becomes a smooth puree.

Pour the still boiling jam into the previously sterilized jars, cap and turn the jar upside down on the work surface.

If you want to be sure that you have sterilized and vacuum-sealed the jars well, put them back on the fire in a pot, completely immersed in water and boil them for 10 minutes.

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