Sweet corn salad

Sweet corn salad

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Ideal next to a grilled steak.

  • 400 gr sweet corn
  • 150 gr red bell pepper
  • 200 gr tomatoes
  • 1 small red onion
  • parsley
  • salt
  • pepper
  • olive oil

Servings: 4

Preparation time: less than 15 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Sweet corn salad:

We drain the corn very well from the canned water and rinse it under a stream of cold water.

We clean the pepper from the ribs and seeds and cut it into small cubes.

We wash the tomatoes and cut them in small cubes.

We clean the onion and slice it as thin as possible.

Put in a bowl all the above ingredients, a little olive oil, season with salt and pepper and finally add chopped parsley.

Mix the ingredients and serve.

Good appetite!

Method of preparation

- Wash the beets well and put them to boil. After it is found that it has boiled, clean it, put it on the large grater and put it in the salad bowl, add the sweet corn and the finely chopped green parsley.
- Add 1 sachet Knorr Salad Dressing Mediterranean which dissolves in a bowl with 3 tablespoons of water and 3 tablespoons of olive oil to which is added white balsamic vinegar, garlic mayonnaise from Tradaro, honey, sour cream , salt, black pepper powder to taste.
Garnish with green mint leaves and serve according to preferences.

A drop of soul is added.
Good appetite!

Alexandra's salad

Put the bacon slices on the grill, to make them a little crispy, then cut a slice into 2-3 pieces

Rice salad with surimi

- boil the rice & icircn water with salt and a little oil after boiling, & icircl cool

  • a lettuce big
  • the preserve of tone crushed in oil
  • the preserve of maize sweet
  • olive oil
  • salt and pepper

Wash each lettuce leaf well and chop into thin strips. Put the salad in a large bowl and add the entire contents canned tuna and grains of sweet corn. All the ingredients fit together perfectly. Add a little olive oil and season with salt and pepper.

Quick if you like, salad with tuna and corn it is the ideal snack in speed. It is both light and full.

Appetizer recipe with cucumbers, corn and egg

Of course, the options for making this wonderful salad today are many. Many chefs around the world are transforming the usual recipe in every way. Here is one of the most successful.

  • calm & # 8211 550 grams
  • corn in a can & # 8211 1 can
  • cheese & # 8211 230 grams
  • eggs & # 8211 3 pieces
  • mayonnaise & # 8211 120 grams
  • dill or parsley & # 8211 30 grams
  • salt to taste.

Caloric content per 100 grams: 117 kcal.

A lunch or dinner with the ingredients presented is a pleasure to cook and eat. Consider its detailed recipe.

  1. To start, take the squid meat and carefully remove the skin from it. Do it better with your hands. After removing the skin, more like a transparent film, wash it well under water and pour water into the pan.
  2. Put the pot on medium heat and wait until the water boils in it. After boiling, alternately reduce the squid and boil them. Boil no more than two minutes, because their meat is very delicate and after two minutes it will turn into stables and taste. Cool it after cooking.
  3. During cooling, you can make the rest of the products. Boil the eggs in water in a saucepan for 15 minutes, then clean the shell and finely chop with a knife, add to the bowl. We also send grated cheese on a medium grater and wash and cut into small greens.
  4. Add a jar of liquid-free corn there. Together with it, I cut the already cooled squid into small strips and add to the rest of the ingredients.
  5. Fill all ingredients with mayonnaise and salt, if necessary. The salad is ready. Garnish with parsley or dill.

Do you like seafood? Find out what can be prepared from frozen squid.

As long as I cook the squid, you can read here.

For those on a diet, this recipe for lean squid salad.


Half a teaspoon peppercorns. Cook the chicken Grease the grill with fat before placing the meat on it to prevent it from sticking.

Russian Salad With Smoked Fish Lettuce Suba Readings And Flavors Recipe Food Cooking Recipes Recipes

A salad with chicken breast and vegetables that is made in less than 30 minutes.

Russian salad with chicken breast. After they have boiled, cut the chicken breast into small cubes and put the vegetables on a large grater. Apr 30 2011 RECIPE PREPARATION Beef salad with chicken breast. My dear ones, today I present you a special salad, although maybe the presentation picture does not show this. An absolutely delicious pasta salad with chicken breast.

After you have greased the grill, wipe the food scraps off it and clean it with a kitchen towel. Salpico - Brazilian salad 3 votes 37. Recipe No. 5 Sherlok chicken breast salad INGREDIENTS 250 g boiled chicken breast 200 g marinated mushrooms 4 boiled eggs 1 onion 80 g walnut kernels 200 g mayonnaise salt ground black pepper ground vegetable oil.

Suba is a thick winter coat and the name of the salad refers to the fact that the smoked fish is between layers so dressed in suba. 1 large red onion. A Greek salad recipe with grilled chicken breast that can be used in most healthy diets because it has few calories and carbohydrates.

2 red bell peppers I used kapia peppers. Sep 04 2018 Ingredients Salad with chicken breast and vegetables. Hey Foodies Today we prepared a salad with chicken breast and vegetables perfect for a weekly prep meal.

Peel and chop the onion. 4 6 olives. Hey Foodies Today we have prepared a super Greek salad recipe with grilled chicken breast and spinach.

Feb 21 2019 Russian salad Suba with chicken breast 1First we boil the chicken breast in another pan the potatoes with carrots and eggs and in another pan the beets. Among the summer culinary recipes could not miss the Russian salad recipe known as Olivier salad, although it is inappropriate to say because it has Continue Reading Cheese salad with chicken. 1 bay leaf.

Shuba is a Russian salad based on smoked fish and is also called winter salad because it is prepared especially for the winter holidays. Heat the grill very well. Carrots, carrots and parsley root are washed very well and then peeled.

1 Romanian salad 8 strips of chicken breast 2 eggs 20 gr parmesan strips For sauce. 60 ml yogurt about 2 tablespoons. Red cabbage salad with smoked chicken breast.

Salad with chicken breast and vegetables. I call it a super recipe because it is delicious and has few carbohydrates and calories which makes it perfect in many weight loss diets. You can prepare a delicious and colorful chicken breast salad with lots of tasty ingredientsYou can prepare a delicious and colorful chicken breast sal.

12 red cabbage about 800 gr 300 gr smoked chicken breast 2 tomatoes 7 tablespoons canned corn 4-5 strands green onions or 12 dried onions 4-5 strands parsley 8 radishes olives and peppers optional I did not put 4 tablespoons oil this time preferably olive salt pepper. 1 teaspoon mustard salt 1 teaspoon sauce Wor. For 3-4 people 250 grams of lettuce or assorted according to the preference of each radicchio ruccola iceberg etc. 300 grams of chicken breast.

Ingredients Chicken breast salad. Celery salad with chicken breast by Miha278. We cut the meat into thin strips and put it to boil. After the foam rises, we put a little rosemary salt and the paprika in the boiling water. When it is ready, we put it aside and leave it to cool.

150 grams of shaved apple. 150 grams of grated carrot. They are boiled when the fork comes in easily but the middle feels a little hard.

Aug 21 2011 Pasta salad with chicken breast. PREPARATION 1. These are some special pastas that I bought from Bogdi from Greece with SpongeBob and which together with a little chicken meat, peppers and tomatoes freshly picked from.

150 grams of grated celery. This recipe for today's Chicken Breast and Pea Mushroom Salad is an extremely tasty one made quickly and that you can serve either for lunch or dinner or if you want you can prepare it when you have guests because it is an excellent idea. - Recipe Main course.

How to prepare Greek salad with grilled chicken breast 1. This is one of the best recipes for meal prep. 120 ml mayonnaise about 4 tablespoons.

Suba Salad Russian Salad With Smoked Fish And Beetroot Gina Bradea

Russian Salad Mimoza Gurmandino Ro

Https Encrypted Tbn0 Gstatic Com Images Q Tbn And9gctpypljhs9xcn Kufphzcjjvzwjs2zi2ryc6sr5fh9gtxib4vo5 Usqp Cau

Russian Salad A La Russe Salad

Layered Salad With Chicken Vegetables And Pomegranate Let's Cook With Amalia

Beef Salad With Chicken Breast

Sweet Corn Cheese Salad and Chicken Breast Home Cooking

Russian Salad Chips A Quick-Looking and Dignified Appetizer on the Holiday Table Youtube

Culinary Recipe Chicken Breast Salad With Mushrooms And Corn From The Salad Category How To Make Chicken Breast Salad With Mushrooms And Corn Ideas To Try

Olivier I Salad Video Recipe Valerie S Food

Amazing recipes: Warm yellow salad with leeks and grilled corn

Browsing the internet in search of the most delicious recipes, I came across a very good site where I picked up this recipe that I will definitely test this weekend: Warm yolk salad with leeks and grilled corn it is a recent discovery that surprised me with its taste, the pleasant contrast of the textures and the fact that a vegetarian dish can be so plentiful. I mean, such a mushroom salad with other vegetables, with a little cheese added (or not), can itself be a delicious lunch and will keep you hungry for a few hours.

Because all the vegetables I used are in high season, I thought it was necessary to share this idea with you. I myself prepared the grilled leeks for the first time and I was amazed by how juicy it is, by the sweet and smoky taste it acquires and by the excellent contribution to the final aroma of the salad.

Preparation time: 00:10 hours
Cooking time: 00:15 hours
Total Time: 00:25 hours
Number of servings: 4
Degree of difficulty: average

How to prepare boiled corn

Fresh corn cobs can be prepared on a grill or cooked in boiling water. They are usually served with melted butter and salt. Boiled corn grains can be added to soups, salads, vegetable dishes or served alone with butter or olive oil and spices.

How to choose corn for cooking

The best corn for boiling is raw corn, which still has milk in its grains.

If we buy it from markets or hypermarkets, we will first opt ​​for corn cobs, which have green leaves. If the leaves are green, the corn is definitely freshly harvested.

But in addition to the green appearance of the corn leaves, we must make sure that the cobs are raw, with small, soft grains. We open the leaves a little, at the top and analyze the corn silk and the grains. Corn silk must not be dry and the color of the corn kernels for boiling must be light yellow.

The last test is to crush a grain of corn with a fingernail. If the cornstarch is juicy and the liquid is white, like milk, corn is perfect for boiling or baking.

The softer and juicier the corn grains, the sweeter the taste of corn and the faster the corn will boil.

How to boil corn

How to boil corn

After choosing the corn for cooking, unroll the leaves and place the corn cobs in a large pot. On top, cover them with a part of the corn leaves and pour enough water to cover the corn and the leaves well.

A little trick is to add a little sugar to the water, so that the boiled corn tastes better, but it is not advisable to ever add salt, because it strengthens the corn.

Let the corn boil for about 10-15 minutes or until the fuculita enters it easily.

One of the secrets is to boil the corn as fast as possible and not let it stay in the hot water for too long.

How to eat boiled corn

Serve the boiled corn immediately. You can serve it as such or with other dishes. The corn is served hot with butter, salt and, optionally, pepper.

Corn boiled with butter and salt

If you have too much boiled corn, leave it in the pot to cool and keep it in the fridge. Lasts up to 3 days. Before serving, heat it well so you can grease it with butter.

Quinoa salad with red beans and sweet corn

Salads prepared in this way are the most suitable this season. They can be cooked in many combinations of tastes and colors.
Today I chose to prepare a delicious one quinoa salad with red beans and sweet corn.
It is a simple, fast and filling salad in which you can find several fresh and canned vegetables.
I used canned red beans and sweet corn, both from Sun Food, there are healthy cans that I don't miss from the pantry and I call for it whenever I want to prepare something good and healthy !!
You can find more delicious recipes with canned vegetables and fruits from Sun Food in this category recipes !!

Quinoa salad with red beans and sweet corn & # 8211 Ingredients

100 g quinoa
a canned sweet corn - Sun Food
or preserves red beans- Sun Food
a red capsicum pepper
2 small onions
chopped green parsley
lime juice
olive oil

Quinoa salad with red beans and sweet corn - Preparation

The quinoa beans are washed in several cold waters until the water comes out clean. Put 200 ml of salted water to boil, when it boils add quinoa and boil until the water is completely reduced. Set aside, cover the pot and allow to cool.
Boil and cooled quinoa with a fork.
Finely chop the onion and fry in a little olive oil together with the diced peppers and corn kernels. Allow to cool.

Canned beans and corn drain well of juice.
Put the quinoa in a bowl, add the mixture of onion, pepper and corn kernels, red beans and chopped parsley.

Squeeze the lime juice on top, add a tablespoon of olive oil, salt to taste and mix.
It can be eaten immediately with avocado slices.
It can be stored in the refrigerator for a day, in a hermetically sealed glass pan.
Good appetite!!

Incredibly tasty layered salad & # 8220Original & # 8221. The first one on the table always disappears!

Today we present you a new salad recipe that will decorate any table. The salad with smoked salami and crab sticks is extraordinarily tasty and will be appreciated by all guests. The layered salad is prepared very easily and simply, and the taste is amazing and looks very appetizing. In this ideal snack the ingredients complement each other excellently. Try to prepare the salad & # 8220Original & # 8221 at least once and it will become your favorite snack on the festive table.


-1 fresh large cucumber

-200 g of crab sticks

-1 can of canned corn


1. Wash the cucumber and cut it into strips.

2. Cut the salami into strips. Put it in a separate bowl.

3. Cut the crab sticks into small pieces.

4. You don't have to cut the crab sticks very small, because it has to feel in the salad.

5. Wash the green onion well under a stream of cold water, dry it and cut it into small pieces.

6. Boil the eggs in salted water and let them cool.

7. Clean the eggs and pass them through a large grater.

8. Drain the liquid from the corn.

10. Place a removable round shape on a plate.

11. Put the first layer of smoked salami, distribute it evenly in the form and grease it with a little mayonnaise.

12. Put the next layer of cucumbers and put the mayonnaise in the form of a net.

13. Then place the finely chopped green onions.

14. Leave a little green onion to decorate the salad.

15. Put the corn layer and grease it with a little mayonnaise.

16. Place the crab sticks on top and grease them with mayonnaise.

17. Spread the grated eggs on top. This is the last layer, so you need to lay the eggs evenly.